Do you want to manage energy use?

You can only manage energy use if you can see it and understand it. Use the unique SPLASH “Easy View”, the easiest way to understand and manage energy use


Why monitor energy consumption – you can only manage it if you can see it and understand it;
Identify where and how energy is consumed, – you will be surprised how easy savings can be made

Allows key stakeholders and employees to engage in energy efficiency, change habits and maximise energy savings
Identify problems with plant and controls the moment they occur
Collate information to substantiate a business case to update old or inefficient electrical equipment
Prove energy savings by monitoring after energy improvements have been made
Why use SPLASH - SPLASH Power management makes energy consumption and generation easy to understand and manage;
The SPLASH “Easy View” is the clearest way of displaying generation & consumption to non-Engineers - Use it to present findings to key stakeholders or customers
Proven monitoring system used by many Government Departments, Corporates and Energy Companies as well as businesses and home owners
Provides access to real - time and historical power consumption from anywhere with a computer, tablet or smart phone
Comprehensive and accurate monitoring of your power consumption including Power Factor which increases the potential savings identified by the monitoring
Access your own secure, private dashboard allows the monitoring, data, views and graphs to be customised

Unique, clear and easy to use dashboards, User Interface and lobby screen displays
Expand the system to monitor other systems and information including: Solar PV, Solar water heating, environmental, space temperatures and humidity
Check phase balancing – a major factor in the effectiveness of solar PV systems
Developed by Building Services engineers in New Zealand
Easy to install and setup
Cost Effective solution